Global Play for Global Kids


Global Play for Global Kids

We make toys, tools and experiences that spark cultural curiosity.

Proud creators of Jai Jai Hooray and Holi Hooray.

Watch Holi Hooray Live

Watch Holi Hooray Live


Why We Exist

Founder, Rupa Parekh, struggled to find high quality, engaging toys and tools online or in stores that introduced cultural traditions to her Indian-Turkish-American children. After a year of talking to families across the globe, she learned she wasn’t alone.

Parents of all backgrounds want to raise global citizens who feel proud of their own origins and a sense of curiosity toward other cultures. But there’s a lack of high quality resources and experiences that excite kids.

What We Do

Umani Studio designs unforgettable ways for kids and families to engage with cultures of the world. We modernize traditional folklore, rituals, and art to unleash imagination and foster inclusivity.

Our first brands are inspired by the vibrance, color and folklore of South Asia. Explore them below.


Our Brands

Our Brands

Jai Jai Hooray

Beautifully simple toys and tools that re-imagine Hindu mythology for pre-school and middle-grade kids. Our collection has delighted thousands of loyal fans around the world. Designed by Mumbai-based artist Ajinkya Bane. Our best seller, the Goddess Power Tower, teaches kids that women are nine personas in one.

As seen in Fatherly, NBC News, ABC News, Huffington Post and Swaay.


Holi Hooray Color Powder

Holi is the festival of colors that originated in India, Nepal, the West Indies and is now enjoyed around the world. It’s a time to be carefree, embrace imperfection and celebrate diversity.

Our Holi Hooray natural color powder lets families get messy without stress. It’s 100% nontoxic, washable, and kid safe. In 2019, we ignited a movement that inspired South Asians to lead hundreds of Holi events at school, work and in backyards in celebration of the famed festival of colors.


Holi Hooray Live Event Series

Called “pure authenticity” by The New York Times, Holi Hooray Live transports guests to the streets of Mumbai for a day of Bollywood dancing, storytelling, delicious Indian food, an artisanal bazaar and of course, pounds of powder play. Together with our inaugural partner, The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, we attracted nearly 3,000 guests in both 2018 and 2019. It’s a celebration of color, culture and play.

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Asha and Mo

Umani Studio is developing a pre-school animated TV series about two best friends who are loosely inspired by the Hindu mythological characters, Radha and Krishna. The concept was born out of a live theatrical production we wrote and produced and then adapted for screen. Asha, whose name means “wish” in Sanskrit, knows that she can’t just hope for things to happen; she must do something to make her dreams come true. Mo, her fun-loving and whimsical sidekick helps reminds her to not be too serious, while she is often getting him out of trouble.

Let’s Play Together

Let’s Play Together

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We are a collection of design thinkers, artists, experience creators, performance artists, product designers and above all—parents who play like kids.

Beyond incubating our own brands, Umani Studio collaborates with innovative partners who share our passion to create enchanting cultural products and experiences that inspire.

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